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Two-Page Paper Grading Guide
A These essays contain few, if any errors in sentence structure and coherence, and they develop fully an interesting, insightful, tightly focused argument. These essays provide the reader with clear support and argumentation that fully justifies the author’s conclusions, and they are written in a style that is both felicitous and sophisticated. The argument itself is both complex and fully developed.
B These essays contain few, if any, errors in sentence structure, and they develop a clear, coherent argument. Support and explanation of that argument, however, are insufficient either to convince the reader completely or to make clear how the author reaches his or her conclusions. The argument itself may also be somewhat general and/or incompletely developed.
C These essays are fundamentally sound at the level of sentence structure and diction, but their arguments rely too heavily on assertion. Specific support is either unclear or missing, and the focus of the essay may stray from its stated argument to make a more general and unrelated point. There may also be problems in coherence, complexity, or in the overall development of the argument.
D These essays contain problems at the level of sentence structure and diction. They are marred by repeated mechanical errors and/or awkward constructions that obscure the essay’s meaning. The argument here relies almost completely on assertion, with no clear support or development, and gives little or no analysis. Paragraphs contain weak or no coherence and/or focus.
F The level of writing is unacceptable or the paper is in violation of The University of Texas at Austin academic integrity policy. Talk to your TA or to me.

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