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One-Page Reaction Paper

We'd like you to write a one-page (and no more than one-page) reaction paper to "The Queen's Looking Glass." In it you need to focus on just one point that you agree or disgree with strongly. Tell us what that one point is, explain your reaction to it, and give us the reasons or examples that support your agreement or disagreement.

Format: Papers must be typewritten or word-processed. Use a title page with the following information: your name, your TA's name, course and unique #, date, paper number, and paper title. Use space-and-a-half for the text of the paper, with 1 inch margins all the way around the text. Use only 10 or 12 pt. plain fonts (Times 12 or Geneva 10 are good models). Do not justify on the right hand side. Please staple the pages together.

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