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Literature Resources

Academic Info (http://www.academicinfo.net/index.html)
Self-described as "a directory of Internet resources tailored to a college or advanced high school audience. Each subject guide is an annotated listing of the best general Internet sites in the field, as well as a gateway to more advanced research tools. On each page you may find links to online publications, language and study aids, reference materials, databases, archives, virtual libraries, tutorials, as well as other educational materials." Not as expansive as HUMBUL or Voice of the Shuttle, but some interesting listings, including "African American History," "Buddhist Studies," and "Rock Art."
American Literature on the Web

An extensive site of links maintained by Akihito Ishikawa, Professor of English at Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages in Japan. Includes Timelines, Authors, Related Resources, Music & Visual Arts, and Social Contexts.
American Studies Web
Created by David Phillips and updated by the Crossroads Project. A subject-based directory of links in a range of areas related to American culture.
American Writers (http://www.americanwriters.org)
A very extensive site, associated with C-Span's American Writers series. You can get information on writers, places, and particular works throughout American literary history. The site includes a video archive, a portrait gallery, classroom activites, as well as historical and biographical information.
Border Crossings (http://www.uiowa.edu/~commstud/resources/bordercrossings/)
An experiment in hypertextual relationships by Karla Tonella of the University of Iowa that explores the common ground between Cyborgs, Gender, LesBiGay, Dispora, La Frontera, Border Incidents and Other Borders.
The E-Server (http://english-server.hss.cmu.edu/)
One of the original resources for English Studies at Carnegie Mellon; contains a wide variety of resources, articles on line, and links. Includes over 20,000 works on issues such as Feminism, Gender and Sexuality, Race, 18th Century Studies, Music, Audio and Video Recordings of scholarly presentations, Cultronix -- a journal of contemporary art and cultural theory, Cultural Logic -- an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice, a large selection of readings in cultural studies and critical theory, and a comprehensive list of links to journals and newspapers.
Fathom (http://www.fathom.com/index.html)
An "interactive knowledge site," Fathom is the product of a consortium composed of Columbia University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University Press, The British Library, Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, The New York Public Library, University of Chicago, American Film Institute, RAND, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Well worth exploring.
Folger Shakespeare Library (http://www.folger.edu/indexb.html)
The Folger Shakespeare Library is an independent research library located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Its history is intrinsically linked to that of its founders, Henry Clay Folger and his wife, Emily Jordan Folger, who established the Library in 1932 as a gift to the American people. A magnet for scholars from around the globe, the Folger is home to the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s printed works, as well as magnificent collections of other rare Renaissance books and manuscripts on all disciplines—history and politics, theology and exploration, law and the arts. Included in the collections are over 310,000 books and manuscripts; 250,000 playbills; 27,000 paintings, drawings, engravings, and prints; and musical instruments, costumes, and films.
The Heath Anthology of American Literature (http://college.hmco.com/english/lauter/heath/4e/students/index.html)
A site designed both to supplement and to complement The Heath Anthology. Contains a particularly good set of Reader Resources, organized chronologically by author, time period, and thematic connection.
History of English Studies Page (http://english.cla.umn.edu/Faculty/RALEY/research/englstud.html)
This page is authored by Rita Raleyat UCSB, and its rationale is still evolving. There are primary documents on site by Thomas B. Macaulay; John Henry Newman; Adam Sedgwick; Hutcheson Macaulay Posnett; Mary Wollstonecraft; Raymond Williams; Gayatri Spivak; Gauri Viswanathan; D.J. Palmer; Chris Baldick; Franklin Court; Brian Massumi; Avital Ronell; and others. These pages are fully searchable.
The HUMBUL Gateway (http://users.ox.ac.uk/~humbul/)
Originally the HUManities BULletin board at Bath and Leicester Universities, this site has expanded into a dynamically searchable database at Oxford University. It includes a large series of listings for Literature, History, Film, Drama, and Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and the Visual Arts.
Literature Resources (MIT)
A useful, well-designed general site from the folks at MIT. Not extensive, but interesting sets of links organized by time period and author.
netLibrary (http://emedia.netlibrary.com/index.asp)
An on line resource that contains thousands of books, shorts stories, essays, and articles. Available through UT Digital Library Services.
The Norton Anthology of American Literature
A site designed both to supplement and to complement The Norton Anthology. Organized by Periods (with a useful chronolgy of "contexts" alongside an historical listing of texts and authors), Authors, Topics, and "Explorations" -- a means of "exploring" an author through study questions and annotated links.
Resources for English And American Literature: UT-Austin General Libraries
An enormously helpful site, put together by Sara Seten Berghausen, Assistant for Collections and Administrative Programs and English Literature Bibliographer at PCL. This site organizes resources for English Studies both at PCL and the web. Headings include: Catalogues, Indexes, Reference Works, Electronic Books, Electronic Journals, Web Sites, Campus Resources, and Library Research Guides.
Simonds History of American Literature
Sponsored by Maytech Publishing and part of the larger site Bibliomania, these listings provide a concise but good overview of a small number of literary figures. Organized by period and searchable.
The Victorian Web
A very comprehensive site that covers literature, history, and culture in the age of Queen Victoria.
The Voice of the Shuttle
Arguably the most comprehensive humanities site on the web. A great source for sites on all aspects of American Literature, Art and Art History, Cultural Studies, Cyberculture, History, Literary Theory, Minority Studies, Philosophy, Photography, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Women's Studies, Gender Studies, and Queer Theory.
www.theory.org.uk--the media theory site
A popular new website of resources and reviews, covering media / cultural studies / gender / sexuality / identity / Adorno / Gramsci / and Butler.

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