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  • The American 1950s. Al Filreis's comprehensive site accompanies his course on the literature and culture of the 50s (UPenn).

  • American Studies Electronic Crossroads: Curriculum. A comprehensive site, sponsored by the American Studies Association -- this section provides resources for teachers and administrators of American Studies programs.

  • An American Literature Survey. Daniel Anderson's award-winning site (UT/UNC); it includes interactive texts, student-selected anthologies, and a Storyforms site that "mixes literary study, teaching methods, and practice in hypertext composition. It looks at literary work(s) as intertwined with artistic media, including drama, fiction, film, and hypertext."

  • American Studies @ The University of Virginia. Unabashedly subtitled, "we DO American Studies," the site provides links to electronic classrooms, web projects, a site on the 1930s, and a variety of hypertexts. A bit slow to download.

  • E 316K: Masterworks of Literature - American. Brian A. Bremen's site for his large lecture class (UT). Includes lecture links, discussion forums, and course related handouts.

  • Projects @ Yale: American Studies. A developing site, it will include three main undergraduate projects: "Imaging America" -- A growing archive of photos and images from Yale University archives, available online; "MaterialWeb" -- An on-line resource and guidebook for doing research on material culture, including classic essays in the field, sample analyses of objects, and images of material culture objects from Yale's collection; and "Student Projects" -- links to web projects created by undergraduate and graduate students in American Studies, as examples of the potential of new technologies.

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